The Immunization Partnership interacts with communities across Texas to raise awareness, spread knowledge, and promote legislative change about the importance of immunizations. Check out the wide range of on-going projects and programs that TIP leads, along with valuable resources and publications.

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Flu Season

Experts recommend everyone age 6 months and older get a flu vaccine every year to protect against the deadly influenza virus.

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The Immunization Partnership provides immunization education to schools across Texas.

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Legislative Highlights

Since 2007, with a total of 24 bills passed to date, The Immunization Partnership and it’s advocates have played a major role in influencing immunization legislation in Texas.

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Immunization Registry

The Immunization Partnership conducted a well-regarded research project analyzing how laws and policies governing consumer access to immunization registries vary across states.

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TIP has several HPV-related initiatives, including research, education, and advocacy.

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The Immunization Partnership collaborates with many organizations including Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and Children at Risk.