Impact Statistics

The Immunization Partnership's work includes supporting the development of new vaccines and making sure we have a strong public health infrastructure to distribute recommended vaccines. Each new vaccine is another critical disease-fighting tool that gets us closer to our vision of a community protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Lives Saved by Vaccines Worldwide

Immunization prevents 4.5 million deaths every year.

Non-Medical Exemptions
in Texas

The non-medical exemption rate has increased 3,044% from 2,314 non-medical exemptions to 72,743 between the 2003-04 and 2019-20 school years.

Immunization Advocacy
in Texas

Since 2007, 24 immunization related bills have passed as a result of TIP’s and other immunization advocates’ efforts.

Meningitis Cases
in Texas

Texas has seen a 71% decrease in meningitis cases since the 2011 law expanding the meningitis vaccine requirement.


A community protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.


To eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases by educating the community, advocating for evidence-based public policy and supporting immunization best practices.

Our History

The Immunization Partnership (TIP) is a nonprofit organization that evolved from the partnership originally dedicated to supporting the Houston-Harris County Immunization Registry.

Recognizing the importance of expanding the range of strategies in order to achieve and sustain high immunization rates, in 2007 the Houston-Harris County Immunization Registry Board of Directors developed a new name and mission that truly reflects the broader scope of the organization. The organization became The Immunization Partnership (TIP).

The Partnership aims to eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases by developing and coordinating our communities' resources through public and private partnerships.

As part of its evolution into an organization that supports broader immunization issues, TIP has developed a community-wide program to educate individuals, parents and providers about the importance of on-time immunizations. TIP also advocates for evidence-based public policy and fosters collaborative efforts among the immunization partners.

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